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How To Decorate A Room With Antique Furniture

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By Jesse Akre

Antique furniture can really give a room a unique look. But deciding just which antique to decorate a room with and how to integrate them can be a bit confusing to many homeowners. Antique furniture, whether its a turn of the century fainting couch, a Victorian sideboard or an unusual lamp from the Art Deco period, can really make a room pop. Done correctly, the addition of antique furniture and dcor can transform the entire character of a room.

There are two basic directions you can go with antiques. You can either use them as accents to a room decorated with more traditional or contemporary pieces. Or you can go all out and recreate the past with a room done entirely in antiques. If you want to go the accent route, you want to start by carefully choosing the antiques to go in the room. Every room has a focal point, and the right antique can become the focal point of your room, allowing you to build around it so that it is showcased. For example, an antique grandfather clock can serve as a focal point in any room, as can an antique curio cabinet or an antique organ.

An antique can also play a supporting role. You can add a single antique piece to a room that is otherwise decorated in more modern furnishings. To do this, you want to adopt a singular overarching theme or color scheme that ties the pieces together visually. For instance, you could add an antique fainting couch that has a complementary or contrasting color of fabric. Establishing relationships is the key when you decorate any room with antique furniture. You want antique furniture to stand out for the right reasons, not because it seems out of place. If you dont have any pieces that will serve as a focal point, you can still integrate them by making them supporting pieces. An antique sideboard can work well as a sofa table or as a bar in your room. Giving your antique furniture a purpose can make it look more at home in any room. If you want to do an entire room in antiques, that takes a bit more work. The best way to tie the pieces together is through color, fabric, period or style. For example, you could go with a room that is decorated with nothing but Queen Anne furnishings or Chippendale. You could also choose a favorite fabric and have furniture from different periods reupholstered with it to give the room a unified look. The same is true with finishes. You wouldnt necessarily want to add an antique desk in cherry in a room of oak. Staying consistent with fabrics and woods can help keep a room cohesive.

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Just because you want to have the room filled with antiques doesnt mean the furniture has to be old these days, either. You can buy beautiful reproductions of period pieces for less money. You can also mix new antique pieces with real antiques to create the look youre after without having to empty your bank account. You can find that one defining piece that truly is a valuable antique and then supplement it with newer pieces that only look old.

Finally, you can do your own antiquing. This is a smart idea if you have an unusual piece that serves as the focal point and you want some of your favorite tables or accents to match. You can do some faux antiquing using finishes, paints and distressing techniques that can be found online. As you work with the antique furnishings in your room, dont overlook the accents that really make a room look complete. This could be antique books, antique china, unusual knickknacks from another time and place or period lamps. An antique room can have an eclectic appearance to it, from the furniture to the window treatments. Depending on the period youre gravitating toward, it can even be hard to go overboard. Certainly, the Victorian era is evidence of this.

The best strategy is to go slowly when decorating with antiques. You want to shop carefully and deliberately, since antiques can be pricey. If youre on a budget, give consideration to reproductions. They can add beauty without busting your budget.

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Stackable Chairs Are Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Use

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Submitted by: Patricia Holland

Stackable chairs can be stored in the smallest of closets until they needed for setting up for an event. The benefit that these simple, effective seats offer is obvious. Any occasion of any nature and size can be accommodated simply by matching the number of chairs to the number of attendees. Because these chairs are highly aesthetic and made from durable metal, they are equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For example, stackable chairs allow any hotel or motel to customized meeting rooms on demand to accommodate multiple events that may be scheduled one after the other.

Making it easy for any organization to come in and set up their own event with ease and speed make the hotel attractive to event planners. A church without its own building, for example, can use the meeting room in the morning. In the afternoon some special group may hold a class in the same room. Then in the evening, some small business seminar may have a special Sunday night event. Stacking metal chairs will meet the needs of all of the above without causing hotel staff to miss a step in the performance of their daily operational duties.

Stackable chairs are some of the very best seating choices for any outdoor pavilion.

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A great many city parks feature outdoor pavilions available to park visitors who want to hold special events such as birthday parties, family reunions, and wedding receptions. People have more freedom to set things up the way they choose when they can work with portable tables and chairs. Each guest will be personally accommodated in a manner that fixed seating arrangements cannot provide.

Stackable chairs will allow even the smallest school to use its gymnasiums as auditoriums.

The public is mostly unaware of how many schools lack the proper facilities for special presentations that benefit student growth on multiple levels. Such schools will use the gymnasium whenever there is such an assembly. However, the students have to sit in uncomfortable bleachers and strain their necks to see the presenter. This causes discomfort, which results in attention problems, which also results with some in discipline problems.

Stackable metal chairs offer smaller schools a much better alternative turn the gym into a real auditorium that works for the student, not against the student.

Simply arrange the chairs in semicircular rows that are spaced far enough apart that a large space exists between individual chairs on each row. Stagger the row behind it so people seated in the second row have a clear view of the podium. Continue the process, and what results is something very similar to an amphitheater on a flat surface. In a very small school there will be few enough students that everyone will have a vantage point regardless of the number of rows that need to be created.

Stackable chairs are ideal for churches hosting activities outside the main worship center.

Any place outside of the main worship center is a place where a church can hold an event. Chairs can be arranged around tables, podiums, on in circles to provide seating for study groups, prayer groups, dinner parties, and outreach programs.

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